Sports Handicapping – Who does it right?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, October 16th, 2008

I’m going to move away from rumors and my own NFL picks for the week for a few minutes here and review a blog from my buddy The Visionary. I’m not big on reviewing other blogs publicly, but usually I have no problems talking to a person behind the scenes with tips, praise, you know the stuff we all want when someone reviews our site. Here’s the deal thou. I get many emails asking what do I think about the current day’s match-ups, and do I agree with the lines, do i like the over, did Vegas get this right. And you know what, that’s not my thing. I’m not a sports gambler, I prefer to enjoy my sports, I want to sit there watch the game and enjoy it without worrying about am I about to lose a couple hundred dollars. So what I’m going to do today is review a sports handicapping site for you, and that is The Visionary Sports Handicapping Blog.

While I do not gamble on sports and truthfully don’t even understand half the terminology, I do check out this site regularly. I’ve always found it interesting how all these guys claim to be the best sports handicapper but never really show you what they’re betting. They’ll charge you a fee to get their thoughts, but how do we know these guys actually make those same plays with THEIR money. The very first thing I’ve noticed about The Visionary’s site is all his picks for the night are FREE. That’s right a sports handicapping site with FREE picks! Trust me everyday I sit there wondering when he’s going to say for my full play, it will cost you some odd $$, but I have not seen it yet. From talking with the site owner, he has no intention on doing so either. All he asks is that you help support him, via links, spreading the word to friends and voting for him at top blog type websites.

Another thing I’ve liked about this site is he’s not afraid to take a day off. Most handicappers if they don’t like any plays that night they still go with a couple. Those guys are either gambling addicts or hoping that you’re the addict and will pay him to give you junk picks. The Visionary will take a night off if he doesn’t like the odds or the over/under. He actually did that with the NLCS Game 5. He didn’t like any of the plays and was actually coming off a losing day so he felt it was a good idea to take a day off. He did just that and even explained to the readers why he was doing so. The next day (October 16th), he told the readers what he would have taken if he decided to make a play just to make one and you know what? He would of lost that play. The respectable thing here is he waited till afterward to tell you where he was leaning.

Most handicapping websites like to spread themselves thin as well. On the big sites, you’ll have the same guy giving you his thoughts on every sport. Now I ask you this, if you’re betting every sports and taking the time to really study the trends against current lines can you really make solid plays across the board? Not a chance, there isn’t enough time in the day. Look at me here, I’m a football and baseball, with some basketball mixed in guy. When My Sports Rumors first started I tried to cover it all even hockey, golf and NASCAR, all sports I know enough of but there’s just way to much to cover. Those three are also my weaker sports so the writing definitely suffered. These handicappers have to have weakness in certain sports, but they play it off like they know it all. The Visionary the last couple days has repeatedly stressed ,he’s not an NHL guy and that he might play a couple a week but you won’t see those plays daily. Same thing with the NBA, it’s preseason and that’s something he doesn’t want to risk any of his own money on. So basically here you’re getting a guy who knows what sports are his strength and that’s what he’s going to play.

On top of all the things I’ve mentioned before, his picks have actually been pretty good and honestly that’s the most important thing right? He doesn’t boast that he has 100% accuracy, or a 90+% on all best bet plays. He’s honest and gives you his full records. Every day, you can see his current record for each sport on the top of the post. He even admits his NCAA football picks this year are only 53%! His best sport is the NFL at only 60%, but you know what he wins more then he loses and his bankroll is rising. His goal at the beginning of October was to reach a +150 unit bankroll. Even with his struggles in the college ranks, he’s up to +137 and change. Not bad considering the month is only half over.

Alright, so there’s my review. If you’re a gambler and you need some help sometimes making your plays check out my boy The Visionary. You may disagree with some of his plays, but he will always be honest with you and give you full reasoning behind his plays. So for your sports handicapping needs you want to visit The Visionary Sports Handicapping Blog.

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  1. The Visonary says:


    Thank you very much for the review of my blog. I truly appreciate the positive testimonial. I hope that I can make your readers some extra cash on the side.

    You will always be considered a friend. Keep up the great work with this outstanding sports blog! You have a true passion for sports and it shows in your daily blogging.

    Thanks again!

    -The Visionary

  2. Thank you very much for the review of my blog. I truly appreciate the positive testimonial. I hope that I can make some extra cash on the side for your readers. The plays will always be free on The Visionary’s Sports Handicapping Blog.

    You will always be considered a friend for good. I have added your link to our blogroll. Keep up the great work on your outstanding blog. I can tell that you have a true passion for sports and it shows in your daily blogging. I wish you nothing but success in the future.

    -The Visionary

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