Lions shopping Kitna, Orlovsky to continue starting?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, October 13th, 2008

Jon Kitna on Lions trading blockIt appears the Detroit Lions are shopping around injured quarterback Jon Kitna, before Tuesdays NFL trade deadline. Ever since training camp the rumors around the Lions have been about Roy Williams and that he’d be gone before the season started, once the season started the rumors were that he’d be gone by the deadline. Well the deadline is here and I’m pretty sure he’s staying put. Tom Kowalski of believes that there is a trade market out there for Kitna, mainly the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers. Let’s take a look at both teams and the possibilities, and even why the Lions are considering a trade.

First off we have to talk about the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have just lost their star QB Tony Romo for 4 to 5 weeks with a broken right pinkie. Kowalski says the Cowboys need a veteran quarterback and that’s why Kitna would be of interest. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, they already have 40-years young Brad Johnson as their back-up. If he isn’t considered a veteran I don’t know what is. Now if he meant a veteran with recent action then it’s a completely different story as Johnson only attempted 11 passes in 2007. The problem here thou is Kitna’s injured back, This is the injury which kept him from starting in Week 6 against the Minnesota Vikings. The pain isn’t believed to be too serious, but it should keep him out at least one more week. With only 3 games, possibly 4 till Romo is able to return why give up anything for another quarterback who would miss time? It just doesn’t make sense, none at all. So I’d have to say Kitna to the Cowboys has no chance in hell in happening.

Kowalski also speculates that the 49ers may be a team of interest. This I could buy. The offensive coordinator for the Niners is former Lions head coach Mike Martz. And we all know Martz loved what Kitna brought to the table. With the current struggles of J.T. O’Sullivan one would think Martz would push for a move. O’Sullivan hasn’t been absolutely terrible and in that I mean he has done a decent job of managing games. Martz doesn’t want a QB who manages the game thou, he likes to play wide open and wants someone who can sling that ball downfield. And over the past few weeks O’Sullivan has become less and less effective at doing just that. The problem with getting a deal done here thou is that the Niners are an extreme long shot to make the playoffs, so why give up any draft pick? It just wouldn’t make sense.

So yea, Mr. Kowalski makes some good points when saying the Lions should try to shop Kitna, but any deal would be extremely tough to come by. If anything the Lions should really try to talk to a team like the New England Patriots, a team who has a chance at the playoffs and could actually use a veteran QB. Any deal for Kitna would most likely be a conditional pick ranging from a 4th to 6th round, and based on whether his back can hold up for the season. I wouldn’t hold my breathe thou.

To me the real debate is who is the starting QB once Jon Kitna returns. Drew Sharp at the Detroit Free-Press suggests that Dan Orlovsky should remain the starter. Now I do hold a little bias here being a fan the UConn Huskies, but I actually agree. The Lions season is over, they have no chance at anything this year so why not play the young guys and see who could help your team in the future. Orlovsky, minus that one idiotic play in the end zone, did a very good job of managing the game against the Vikings. His numbers weren’t impressive but he kept his team in position to win the game (once again if you subtract that one stupid play). That alone should be enough to give him another chance next week.

So in a nut shell, the Lions have talked to teams about Kitna but it deal is pretty much certain not to get done by the Tuesday afternoon trade deadline (at least in my opinion). And I also believe Kitna should not keep his starting job as it is time for the Lions to look towards the future, and that does not include him. I’d also say if you’re a Lions fan, this is the best time to try and watch a NFL game if you’ve never been to one.

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  1. What an absolute mess.

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