The Goon Squad

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, September 29th, 2008

Chicks love sports and the goon squadBoy do we have a lot of goodies for you in today’s edition of the Goon Squad. It’s a Monday afternoon and you know the blogs I link to spend a lot of time over the weekends creating some great stuff. So that of course means Monday is always a fun day of reading on the internet and we’re now going to share a lot of that with you.

NE Patriots DraftSports Blog Family Reunion
Busted CoverageThe 20 All-Time Best ESPN GameDay Signs
Pwned VideoSuper Chuck Norris Bros. Video Game Demo Video
Moon Dog SportsSooners Say Hello to No. 1
Cheat or BeatCyclist Frank Schleck implicated in Doping Scandal
CuzoogleBen Gordon does not want to rock the boat
Cuzoogle 10 Things that will make Sam Mitchell swear again
NESW SportsShaq Horsing Around @ the VitaminWater Commercial Shoot
Hugging Harold ReynoldsBeer in Hand, Brett Myers is no Charlie Kerfeld
Hugging Harold ReynoldsNets Host tryouts for Senior Dancers
InGameNow7 Ridiculous Ways to Die While Golfing

Harry Potter Shop - 125x125

Steady BurnAre Sled Dogs our most Superior Athletes?
The Launching PadWhat’s Next? Braves and baseball playoffs
Juiced Sports BlogColumbine – Caused by Football?
The Sports CultureYeeeehaaaa! Brewers win the Wild Card

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