Felton to the Knicks, is it possible?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, June 27th, 2008

Raymond FeltonEven with all the trade rumors leading up the NBA Draft, the draft itself winds up usually causing so many more. Well this years draft has not let us down. Thanks to two certain picks we now have rumors circulating about a trade between the New York Knicks and Charlotte Bobcats. The focal points of a deal include David Lee and Raymond Felton. Of course each teams local media puts a different spin on every scenario, so lets take a look at both.

For those that somehow don’t know what took place in last nights draft you may be wondering why the rumors? Well the rumors are because both teams selected potential starters in the first round that would make the current ones expendable. In the Knicks case, incumbent power forward Lee has been made available because of the Italian Stallion Danilo Gallinari, who was selected with the sixth pick. For the Bobcats, point guard D.J. Augustin was taken with the teams ninth pick, this selection could make Felton available.

Now to break down each teams local take. The NY Post reports that the Knicks have been actively shopping Lee, even before the selection of Gallinari. Supposedly the team was close to completing a deal that would of sent Lee and Malik Rose to the Memphis Grizzlies for the fifth pick. If that is true, that would of been a complete steal for the Knicks. But now back to this topic, they report that the Bobcats could be interested in his services. The Knicks are obviously looking for a point guard, everyone knows it. New coach Mike D’Antoni isn’t that fond of the ones currently on the roster, and would like a true point to run his system. Felton definitely fits the mold as he can’t shoot a lick but can definitely dish the rock.

The Charlotte Observer says that Raymond Felton’s job is currently safe. They quote General Manager Rod Higgins as saying there was “no truth” to the rumors out of New York. Higgins also stated that Augustin is probably only ready to back-up at the moment, which would create a need for Felton. Rick Bonnell, the author, thinks the team isn’t looking to dump him, but then again if the right deal came along ………

Personally, I don’t know what to believe. The reports out of NY definitely sound a lot like a local media outlet trying to create some ideas, get people thinking, hoping, and of course buying the paper or bringing their web site some traffic. Spit out a deal that makes complete sense even if there is no chance of it actually happening. BUT, at the same time, after reading The Charlotte Observer you could think there has been some talks between the two sides. Higgins responses sound like the classic denial lines you hear from any GM when a trade is possible.

Now do I think David Lee will be traded? Yes. To the Bobcats? I don’t know. There are plenty of teams that would love to have this athletic, energetic young power forward. As a Knicks’ fan, I’d hate to see this kid go but it is obvious he doesn’t fit into the teams future. Back when he was a draft prospect D’Antoni gave the thumbs down to drafting him based on his poor shooting ability. Also the Knicks are attempting to get under the salary cap for the year 2010, Lee is due a contract extension and giving him that would hurt the teams chances to get underneath.

Do I think Raymond Felton will be traded? It’s possible. Would I like him to be a Knick? Without a doubt, he’d be the perfect, low-cost in a trade point guard to run D’Antoni’s system. He’d also allow the team to keep Nate Robinson as a scoring guard which he’d be better suited for. I think acquiring Felton is a long-shot thou and I’m not holding my breathe on it.

Like I said, the NBA Draft creates many more rumors then it solves and this one is just an example of the many that will begin over the next few days. Check back here as we will be taking a look at numerous others as the off-season progresses.

Living in the New York area, you know there is always plenty to do around you. But here’s a list of some of your local events coming up.

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