Turning up the Heat at #2

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Michael BeasleyAt least Pat Riley knows the Miami Heat need a lot of help. The team president is considering trading out of the #2 pick in the draft, instead of drafting either Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose. “We need help. We need it now,” Riley said. “Can [Rose and Beasley] help a team like ours? That’s how they’re going to be measured.” There are already teams lining up for the possibilities of trading up in the draft. Those teams include the Seattle Supersonics, Sacramento Kings, Memphis Grizzlies, New Jersey Nets and none other then the New York Knicks.

The person most excited to hear that Riley would consider moving the pick, is Knicks General Manager Donnie Walsh. ‘I’m glad to hear that, because I’ll be talking to him then,” Knicks president Donnie Walsh said “It’s an asset, and a lot of people want that pick. There will be a lot of [trade] talk with this draft, but it’ll get weeded out.” The Knicks were desperately hoping to win the lottery to get a chance at point guard Derrick Rose, but they’ll easily take the second pick and whatever talent that brings.

Riley hasn’t said what the team is officially looking for but you could assume it would be a draft pick switch for one, salary cap relief, and veteran players that can perform. The Heats biggest needs would be center and point guard. Can someone say Stephon Marbury??? Can play point guard this season, and then come off the books after the season. You could also expect the Heat to require their trading partner to take some of their own bloated contracts. Players like, Mark Blount, Marcus Banks. Blount is on the hook for $7+ million per the next 2 seasons, while Banks is $4+ million per the next 3.

Right now, any trade scenarios would be complete speculation as no one has seriously begun talks. There is still a really good chance the Heat keep the pick to, and there is one very good reason. If the Chicago Bulls surprise and take Beasley, the Heat would jump on the chance to have Derrick Rose at their point.

Let the rumors begin, the draft is a month away and MySportsRumors.com will be on top of it.

Here is an article in the Miami Herald about this, it’s much more in depth. Photo courtesy of CollegeInsider.com.

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