Mark Bell avoids jail, well kind of

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Mark BellToronto Maple Leafs winger Mark Bell was a lucky man, and avoided an overnight stay in jail for a hit and run, and drunk driving traffic incident. The incident took place in September of 2006, and the California court system just got around to finishing up this case. Bell plead no contest to the charges and was sentenced to a California prison from June 2nd to August 15th. Wait, you’re going didn’t you just say he avoided an overnight stay in jail? Yes, I did. We can all thank the over crowded California prison system for this.

The judge in Bell’s case did order him to serve jail time from June to August. The verdict calls for him to work in a California prison during daytime hours, and he would be released each evening. After the 15th of August, Bell will meet before a judge again, and at that point it will be decided if he needs to “serve” more time.

One can only assume this is all because of the severely over crowded prison system in California. The same system that has let many celebrities leave after completing only hours of their sentence. At least by making Bell do work shifts there, he does have to get some of the life of a criminal in jail. Unlike, the Hollywood stars who walk in and then out for the paparazzi.

And just a side thought. What a pussy!!! HAHAHA These hockey players run around, well better yet, skate around all game beating the shit out of each other. And this guy can’t serve even just one night in jail? He that afraid Bubba is going to find him?

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