by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Alright here goes your NFL Hardhitters. Tonight we got a few good articles for ya to check out. First one deals with the Philadelphia Eagles and the questions that follow their draft, Marvin Harrison and Sal Paolantonio feud, Chargers minicamp update, and then a pretty funny look at who may have robbed Steelers rookie RB Rashard Mendenhall.

  • TheStartingFive.net takes a look at the Philadelphia Eagles draft, I swear I’ve seen a million articles talking about this team, and what mistakes or non-mistakes they made. This one stood out to me thou, and it actually brings up more questions then most fans and their front running “we’re winning the super bowl” talk.
  • It looks like some sports commentators are now turning on Marvin Harrison. Sal Paolantonio flipped out on him on ESPN’s Mike and Mike today. In the end thou, Sal made himself look like as much of an ass. Take a look at Sportaphile.com, they’ve got a video of the interview.
  • My buddies over at BoltTalk.com take a look at the recent mini-camp held by the San Diego Chargers. Gives you an update on a few of the marquee players who suffered injuries at the end of last season.
  • Now for the fun article. It’s not nice to poke fun at someone after being robbed at gunpoint. But BlogimoreRavens.com takes a hilarious look at who may have robbed Rashard Mendenhall. The article is down right funny, or I at least thought it was. Don’t drink any milk while reading it, it might fly out your nose

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