by Paul Raymond | Posted on Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

Here’s the football links article, much like Fastlinks, it will focus on blogs I read today that I found pretty interesting. Today, we’ve got links that include Fantasy Previews of players just drafted, the QB controversy in Baltimore, a funny NFL-All Food team, and then just a recap of NFL draft weekend. So let’s get started.

  • First article today that I was most impressed by came from KnowHuddle.com. They broke down the rookies for every NFL team and listed their possible fantasy contributions. Was definitely a well thought out and definitely a lot of time to write something this in depth for all 30 teams. Definitely, check this one out.
  • The next one , is a pretty funny article. Nothing serious just something amusing that some people may get a kick out of. It comes from, NE Patriots Draft. I know, I know you all hate the New England Patrios, but thsi article doesn’t have anything to do with them, well for the most part. The post was created in response to the many Jerod Mayo jokes that have surfaced since the draft. This one is the All-NFL Food team, there was actually a complete team made of players who have a name that is either a food or deals with food in some way.
  • Out of Bounds, has a post regarding NFL Draft Weekend. We’ve seen a whole bunch of those in the week since the draft but this one is from a different approach. It talks about the extracurricular activities of the weekend, the ESPN parties, the current NFL players in New York event, and just other tidbits. It gives you a look at how much of an event the thing really is.
  • Lastly, we’ve got another article about the soon to be QB controversy with the Baltimore Ravens, Kyle Boller and Joe Flacco. The Ebony Bird, questions is this really a QB controversy, check it out.

Well thats it tonight, look for more tomorrow.


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