Lions refuse Eagles trade offer

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, April 21st, 2008

As the draft gets closer, the rumors about Detroit Lions wide receiver Roy Williams heat up. We can also thank for that. Former Philadelphia Eagles player and current radio analyst Mike Quick said there should be news on Williams this week. Garry Cobb, a Philadelphia (key word) media personality, reports “that means the Cowboys, Redskins or the Eagles will probably wind up with the receiver.” Is any of it true?

Well its definite truth the Eagles are desperately looking for a #1 wide receiver. Everyone knows about their pursuit of Randy Moss. Their trade offers for Larry Fitzgerald, Roy Williams, Chad Johnson and now even Anquan Boldin (who i think could be the most attainable for what they are offering). reports that the Eagles were turned down on their latest offer to the Lions. Philadelphia offered corner back Lito Sheppard and a draft pick not to long ago and was quickly refused. The Lions reiterated today that Williams is not available. Reporters asked President Matt Millen today if there was anyway Williams could be traded, and he just flat out laughed at him. So, when redirected to coach Rod Marinelli, he responded by saying “Don’t even ask me”. The whole time, Millen was still laughing.

There’s no doubt the Eagles are going to keep trying for Williams, but unless they offer a first or second round pick with Lito, I can’t see the deal happening. Lito is one of the better corners in the league, there is no doubt about that, but the Eagles may be over-valuing him in these trade talks.

Anquan Boldin’s name has surfaced recently, and I think this could be the teams best option in a trade. His numbers have dropped the last 2 seasons, but thats no surprise when you’re teamed with Larry Fitzgerald. Boldin could be a huge factor if he’s brought in, that might be the deal the the Iggles should really concentrate on.

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  1. I read about this earlier. Quick says they are in talks with the Lions, and to look for a deal this week. He said that the Eagles are in a bidding war with the Cowboys and Redskins right now, and to look for a Williams deal to get done sometime this week.

    I hope the Iggles get him, but I doubt it. They are not gonna give up a first round pick for a WR.

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