Cassell gets his wish, heads to Boston

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Sam Cassell gets his way once again. The Los Angeles Clippers and Cassell were able to agree on a buyout of his current contract, the deal isn’t completely official yet as he has to clear waivers first. Once he clears he’ll get his way once again and get to sign with the Boston Celtics. Before I get into any implications for each team I must say how much i hate seeing players get this way. I used to like Cassell, used to be one of my favorites in the NBA but you know what he’s just a spoiled selfish greedy arse. He’s cried for weeks that he’s unhappy playing for the Clippers and he wants to be a Celtic so he can play for a title. SO WHAT!!! MAN UP!!!! you signed the deal you wanted Los Angeles , live with the choices you made!

Ok sorry about that rant but its just been on my mind whenever I see a Cassell to Boston rumor. What makes things worse is the Clippers say they did it in the best interest of their team. “After weighing all of the options and after conversations with Sam we believe this is the best solution for this team,” Clippers general manager Elgin Baylor said in a statement. “We know and appreciate the many contributions Sam made during the last three years, and we wish him nothing but the best.”

For the Clippers I’d expect them to sign Flip Murray to help play the point in the interim. They do have Dan Dickau and Brevin Knight as well, but Knight is still out with a hand injury. There’s not much here for the Clips but cutting dead weight cause that pretty much what Cassell is at this point anyways.

In Boston, Cassell should back up starter Rajon Rondo, but knowing GM Danny Ainge’s desire for the “right veteran point guard” he might wind up starting at some point if healthy. Who knows, maybe a healthy Cassell can be more productive.

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